Schizophrenia and the Family

“Any Family with a member or child with schizophrenia is forced to make a succession of rapid-fire decisions for which they have neither information nor experience. They turn to psychiatrists, and the doctors tell them nothing. Nothing, except to take the medicine and if there are any side effects, take another medicine. “What are the […]

Development of BEAM – Part 2

Dr. Jose Mackliff Dr. Mackliff states “The notorious failure of antipsychotics has inevitably gravitated to my work as a psychiatrist. I have felt encouraged and poised by a wide range of expertise in clinical psychiatry from giants in psychiatry such as Bleuler, Kretschmer, Freud, Jung, Fromm and the unforgettable psychiatric manuals of A Vallejo Najera […]

BEAM Development – Part 1

Dr. Jose Mackliff Behind the development of BEAM was the immense love and scientific curiosity that one doctor had for his schizophrenia patients in a schizophrenic ward of a psychiatric hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He was passionate about understanding the metabolism behind schizophrenia and to find a cure for the terrible disease schizophrenia. He watched his […]

Antipsychotics, the Proven Treatment for Profit

Anti-psychotics drugs alone net the pharmaceutical industry at least $14.6bn dollars a year. Psycho-pharmaceuticals are the most profitable sector of the industry, which makes it one of the most profitable business sectors in the world. Americans are less than 5% of the world’s population, yet they consume 66% of the world’s psychological medications. One drug […]