is now published

A new site shows BEAM Patient Case Study videos for Tuly, Mackliff’s first BEAM patient for schizophrenia and two American Latino patients submitted for BEAM surgery. Please watch these exciting film demonstrations of the effectiveness of BEAM surgery to eliminate symptoms of schizophrenia and restore normal lives. Follow on (function(d){var f = […]

New BEAM Testimonial from Mother in Chili

Dear Doctor, You will not believe me, but yesterday we remembered you and I told my sister that I was going to write to tell you the positive evolution of my son Paulo. With great joy I tell you that Paulo has evolved in an extraordinary way, especially in the last 3 months. Practically this […]

New Schizophrenia Treatment Programs where Patients and Doctors make Decisions together

OnTrackNY I am encouraged¬†find out about new treatment programs for schizophrenia that involve the patient in decision making in the medications they must take. A new treatment program for patients with a first time psychotic episode is OnTrackNY directed by Dr. Lisa Dixon of the New York Psychiatric Institute since 2013. The philosophy behind OnTrackNY […]