Schizophrenia Film Summary

This is the film summary being used in a Kickstarter campaign to finish the film. This purpose of this film is to give families with members with schizophrenia another option to the pharmaceutical ‘No talk – Drug use only’ industry whose profits from anti-psychotic drugs alone net the industry at least $14.6bn dollars a year, […]

Video of my Introduction to Living a Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia

Dear Friends, It’s been two weeks without a post; I have been busy working on my film. Here is a video of my introduction in the documentary. Please enjoy. Living a Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia Making a film about such a vital topic is a rich experience. While viewing the film’s video of Danny, […]

Story behind the Documentary Film

Many of you know that my son took his life two years ago, but not everybody knows he had schizophrenia, and that is why he took his life. Early in my son’s illness, his father and I found out about a treatment in Ecuador called BEAM that was successfully treating people with schizophrenia and eliminating the […]