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A new site shows BEAM Patient Case Study videos for Tuly, Mackliff’s first BEAM patient for schizophrenia and two American Latino patients submitted for BEAM surgery. Please watch these exciting film demonstrations of the effectiveness of BEAM surgery to eliminate symptoms of schizophrenia and restore normal lives. Follow on (function(d){var f = […]

New BEAM Testimonial from Mother in Chili

Dear Doctor, You will not believe me, but yesterday we remembered you and I told my sister that I was going to write to tell you the positive evolution of my son Paulo. With great joy I tell you that Paulo has evolved in an extraordinary way, especially in the last 3 months. Practically this […]

Second Patient Interview in Documentary Film

Excerpts from A Life Worth Living – Schizophrenia Alternative Treatment: Part 3 – A Solution for Schizophrenia Narcissi, BEAM patient from Guayaquil, Ecuador The second patient interviewed was Narcissa, a forty-seven-year-old woman who was submitted to BEAM surgery six years ago after suffering with schizophrenia for twenty-five years. Her illness began at fifteen years old when she began […]

First Patient Interview

I am re-posting this post with the comment that Danny told me that it took three years to completely recover from schizophrenia. He did not experience any relapses. Other patients who had BEAM surgery had one or more relapses and had to resume higher doses of anti-psychotic drugs for periods of time. In my book I […]

Part 3 – Solution for Schizophrenia

Excerpts from A Life Worth Living – Schizophrenia Alternative Treatment: Part 3 – Solution for Schizophrenia Chapter 1     Introduction to BEAM Shortly after my son’s first hospitalization for the disease of schizophrenia, his stepmother called his father and told him that she had found out about a treatment for schizophrenia while searching on the Internet for “a cure […]

Schizophrenia: Taking back Control

Beautiful Progress on Getting the Word out- Schizophrenia Cure Beautiful Progress is being made both on publishing Dr. Mackliff’s medical book ‘Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery’ on Amazon and publishing my own book ‘A Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia’  by the end of the year. My film ‘A Life Worth Living – Alternative […]