Schizophrenia Film Summary

This is the film summary being used in a Kickstarter campaign to finish the film.

This purpose of this film is to give families with members with schizophrenia another option to the pharmaceutical ‘No talk – Drug use only’ industry whose profits from anti-psychotic drugs alone net the industry at least $14.6bn dollars a year, and which control the sole legal treatment protocol for schizophrenia allowed through its DSM V manual.

Summary of Film

This is a story of hope, which contrasts with the complete despair experienced by families and people with schizophrenia resulting from the complete failure of antipsychotic drug treatment to improve their lives, and which often leads to an increased risk of suicide and non-adherence to the drugs due to the terrible side effects associated with their use. According to the New York Department of Mental Health, 75% of those newly diagnosed with schizophrenia stop taking antipsychotic drugs within the first year and a half of treatment. There are no funded studies to find the cause of schizophrenia, nor to find other treatment protocols, because these studies would not be profitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

This is the story about a treatment for schizophrenia developed by Ecuadorian psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Jose Romeo Mackliff, that has restored lives for over 100 patients with up to 18 years of schizophrenia by eliminating the symptoms of schizophrenia, and gradually reducing and eliminating the need for antipsychotic drugs. Developed over 30 years of self-funded research, BEAM, bilateral electro-coagulation of adrenal medulla, is a surgery performed on the adrenal medulla glands (above the kidneys) that eliminates 100% of the production of blood adrenaline and balances the hormones that control the hypothalamus pituitary thyroid adrenal (HPTA) axis in the brain stem.

Dr. Mackliff’s research has proven that schizophrenia and Parkinson diseases are caused by a fatigue of the HPTA axis. When this axis ceases to fire normally, it causes excessive dopamine to be produced in the case of schizophrenia, and minimal dopamine to be produced in the case of Parkinson’s. This results in a disruption to the neuron signaling to different parts of the brain, which is the cause of the hallucinations, sensory perceptions, delusions and extreme anxiety in the schizophrenic, and movement disorders in the Parkinson’s patient. The proof is that when the HPTA axis functions normally, the schizophrenia symptoms cease to exist and the anxiety disappears; the tremors and rigidity disappear in Parkinson’s patients.

A Life Worth Living shares interviews with Dr. Mackliff where he explains how BEAM works and the schizophrenia process; and interviews with patients and their family members, who say and feel that their loved ones are cured from this terrible disease and that they have their loved ones back. A case study film of interviews with a patient and family before surgery and again, 72-hours after surgery clearly shows the elimination of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

The film meets with mental health professionals who describe the failure of the antipsychotic treatment model called medication management, and the journalists who describe the recklessness of the pharmaceutical industry that approves new antipsychotic drugs that fail efficacy, are prescribed at unsafe dosages and minimize the terrible side-effects including suicide associated with them.

This film is made to save the lives of young people who now have schizophrenia and suffer under the ruthless system of medication management of antipsychotic drugs alone.

8 thoughts on “Schizophrenia Film Summary

  1. Hi I am Erica.
    I have child at home with schizophrenia.
    I regret every day that i took him to mental health care team.
    We consider BEAM surgery soon. I believe we have nothing to loose. I spoke with those professionals, they told me that he will have to take injections for life, and there is no doctor ever will reduce the dose or will take him off this medication. And I was pointed NEVER.


    1. Dear Estefania,
      Have you contacted Dr. Mackliff yet? You should contact him to let him know you are interested in coming to Ecuador for the surgery. Please mention my site as your point of reference. I wish you the best. Suzanne


      1. Suzanne, I send him a text message, but never got a reply. I will try again as soon I have all the money. I am working on it. My daughter needs that surgery so bad. She has been very unhappy for so many years that she is already losing hope. She keep talking about suicidal all the time and , I keep on telling her to hang on, there is hope with Dr. Mackliff. She already attempted suicide four times and I just keep praying God to allow her to stay alive and give her the chance to meet Dr. Mackliff and have that surgery done. Thanks. Estefania


    1. Im interested in hearing of your daughter’s outcome, if you don’t mind sharing. My son too suffers from this cruel disease. Any help or information is greatly appreciated.


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