Other Experiences of BEAM

In the spirit of objective journalism, I wish to share a site that has some negative experiences of the BEAM surgery. The reader should consider that each person with schizophrenia who has had the BEAM surgery has a unique story and situation. Dr. Mackliff has shared with me that many of his patients who experienced successful surgeries were drug users, and returned to drug use after the surgery. This contradicted the benefits from the surgery.


It is important to realize what Dr. Mackliff said at the beginning; ‘All of a person’s education, talents, abilities, and habits that they had before manifesting schizophrenia, will be restored after the surgery. Sometimes, if a patient has had schizophrenia for a long time, a normal life may take longer to be restored and require additional support such as psychological therapy and help with addictions. Family support is always needed especially during the first year following the surgery.

Dr. Mackliff invites psychiatrists and researchers from around the world to continue his valuable research, train in the BEAM procedure, and create more case studies to substantiate his theories and procedure.

This is a new science combining psychiatry and surgery and needs to be embraced by doctors and researchers who have proven to themselves that there is no future in antipsychotic drug treatment except to temporarily calm a person until they can receive another treatment such as BEAM. In fact, BEAM is the only treatment available today that can successfully eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia and restore normal lives.

Persons who are seriously interested in exploring this treatment should read Dr. Mackliff’s medical book, ‘Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery’ on Amazon.com that presents 12 case studies from patients he has treated and answers common questions that both doctors and families have about BEAM surgery.

Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery: A New and Efficient Regulation of Dopaminergic Synapses after BEAM (Bilateral Electrocoagulation of Adrenal Medulla)

Another book written by me, Suzanne Ayer Patterson, and co-authored by Dr. Mackliff is also available on Amazon.com, and presents BEAM more in layman’s terms along with a lot of other useful information about schizophrenia, stress and antipsychotic drugs.

A Life Worth Living – Schizophrenia Alternative Treatment



3 thoughts on “Other Experiences of BEAM

  1. Dear Suzanne
    We have a 24 year old with schizophrenia and are very interested in the Beam surgery. Of course we hope for recovery but are mostly concerned about any negative side effects. Eliminating adrenaline ( as your son also believed I think I gathered from a previous conversation with you). Seems very scarey. Kind of like removing a critical life force. Our son is on resperadol injection every three months and although eliminating symptoms has also eliminated any joy passion and ambition. The negative experience with the Beam is in Spanish and you said the people returned to drugs but is it possible to post a translation?
    Thank you. Your work here is very impressive and inspiring. I am very tempted to make the trip from Canada to visit Dr MacKliff
    Thank you


    1. Dear Anne,
      This is the film summary for my kickstarter campaign. It explains some of what I talked about in the previous email. Dr. Mackliff doesn’t have the luxury of doing long term follow-ups on the patients who come for BEAM surgery. They come from all over the world for the surgery based on results they have heard of or read about. It is expensive for them to come for the surgery and two weeks post-care and they leave as quickly as possible. Dr. Mackiff’s work is self-funded and doesn’t receive any funding from the government or pharmaceutical industry which would have no interest in a cure for schizophrenia.

      I think the best way is to take your son to Ecuador for an evaluation and meet Dr. Mackliff and some of the patients who have had the treatment. Only that will convince you and your family to have the surgery. The problem is that we think we have time, and things change very quickly with schizophrenia. What is possible now may not be possible in the future. That was my son’s case.

      Wishing you the Best,

      Summary of Film
      This is a story of hope, which contrasts with the complete despair experienced by families and people with schizophrenia resulting from the complete failure of antipsychotic drug treatment to improve the lives of their loved ones, and which often leads to an increased risk of suicide and non-adherence to the drugs due to the terrible side effects associated with their use. According to the New York Department of Mental Health, 75% of those newly diagnosed with schizophrenia stop taking antipsychotic drugs within the first year and a half of treatment. There are no funded studies to find the cause of schizophrenia, nor to find other treatment protocols, because these studies would not be profitable for the pharmaceutical industry.

      This is the story about a treatment for schizophrenia developed by Ecuadorian psychiatrist and neurologist, Dr. Jose Romeo Mackliff, that has restored lives for over 100 patients with up to 18 years of schizophrenia by eliminating the symptoms of schizophrenia, and gradually reducing and eliminating the need for antipsychotic drugs. Developed over 30 years of self-funded research, BEAM, bilateral electro-coagulation of adrenal medulla, is a surgery performed on the adrenal medulla glands (above the kidneys) that eliminates 100% of the production of blood adrenaline and balances the hormones that control the hypothalamus pituitary thyroid adrenal (HPTA) axis in the brain stem.

      Dr. Mackliff’s research has proven that schizophrenia and Parkinson diseases are caused by a fatigue of the HPTA axis. When this axis ceases to fire normally, it causes excessive dopamine to be produced in the case of schizophrenia, and minimal dopamine to be produced in the case of Parkinson’s. This results in a disruption to the neuron signaling to different parts of the brain, which is the cause of the hallucinations, sensory perceptions, delusions and extreme anxiety in the schizophrenic and movement disorders in the Parkinson’s patient. The proof is that when the HPTA axis functions normally, the schizophrenia symptoms cease to exist and the anxiety disappears; the Parkinson’s patient stops having tremors and rigidity.

      A Life Worth Living shares interviews with Dr. Mackliff where he explains how BEAM works and the schizophrenia process, and interviews with patients and their family members, who say and feel that their loved ones are cured from this terrible disease and that they have their loved ones back. A case study film of interviews with a patient and family before surgery and again, 72-hours after surgery clearly show the elimination of the symptoms of schizophrenia.

      The film meets with mental health professionals who describe the failure of the antipsychotic treatment model called medication management, and the journalists who describe the recklessness of the pharmaceutical industry that approves new antipsychotic drugs that fail efficacy, are prescribed at unsafe dosages and minimize the terrible side-effects including suicide associated with them.

      This film is made to save the lives of young people who now have schizophrenia and suffer under the ruthless system of medication management of antipsychotic drugs alone.


    2. Anne,

      Here are two numbers of mothers of BEAM patients in the U.S. that you can call.

      Anabel (Mother) (720) 364-4277
      Anabel lives in Utah and was the 7th patient to have BEAM surgery in 2007. She is a single mom who is able to work as a manager of a franchise, study at a college in the evenings and care for her daughter.

      Alexander Mother Carmen from Shelter
      (805) 280-2642
      This is a patient in Santa Barbara with 20 years of schizophrenia very aggressive delusional schizophrenia who is stable now.

      Please send your email address to suzanne@onlythedifficult.com so that I can contact you directly outside of this blog. Please let me know if you are able to contact these two individuals.



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