Case Study Film of three recent BEAM patients Shown before and after Surgery


Dr. Frank Sanchez and Dr. Jose R. Mackliff – (Left to right) – 1st Case Study filmed Surgery, June 3, 2017

Dr. Mackliff has recently filmed a case study BEAM surgery with before surgery interviews with patients and family members, and 72 hours later interviews with Patients and family members that already show the elimination of schizophrenia symptoms.

The case study films with English subtitles are posted with a  documentary film, A Life Worth Living – Solution to Schizophrenia introduction on schizophrenia Dr. Mackliff shows real live coverage of the magnificant results from the BEAM surgery. The film will follow up with patient interviews with patients who have had the surgery five years ago and have restored normal academic and working lives with harmonious relations with friends and family members. The case study films are added and updated on this site.

BEAM is a simple surgery without collateral side effects that eliminates the symptoms of schizophrenia, and reduces the need for antipsychotic drug treatment over a year’s time. As Dr. Mackliff personally told me when I arrived in Guayaquil in May 2016, these patients no longer have schizophrenia.

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