Second Patient Interview in Documentary Film

Excerpts from A Life Worth Living – Schizophrenia Alternative Treatment: Part 3 – A Solution for Schizophrenia

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Narcissi, BEAM patient from Guayaquil, Ecuador

The second patient interviewed was Narcissa, a forty-seven-year-old woman who was submitted to BEAM surgery six years ago after suffering with schizophrenia for twenty-five years. Her illness began at fifteen years old when she began to hallucinate. She thought she was pregnant and drew some fetuses and put them in another womb. From that age on, she failed to adapt socially and was hospitalized several times for aggressive behavior toward her mother and sisters. A psychiatrist told the mother that Narcissa would need to be institutionalized for the rest of her life. The family did not do that but were very afraid of her, so they isolated her in one part of the house, and the mother and all of the sisters shared their brother’s room in the other part of the house.

On her first visit to Dr. Mackliff, the family described Narcissa as becoming very calm. The family decided to have the BEAM surgery and spent the next few years raising the money for the operation.

One month after the BEAM surgery, she spoke deliberately and became more calm and sociable. Although overweight and unkempt for many years, for Christmas shortly after the surgery, she fixed her hair and dressed nicely and called on friends to give them her Christmas greetings.

On the day of the patient interview, she was dressed very nicely and had lost a lot of weight; she had weighed three hundred pounds before while on antipsychotic treatment. She spoke about wanting to attend medical school and become a doctor. She had studied psychology in the past before her illness worsened. Like Danny, she was composed and smiling, and she spoke to us directly and intentionally. Only when her sister spoke at length about the past, when they were so afraid of her, did she appear sullen and withdrawn.

Narcissa’s final message was, “It’s hard—it’s very hard! But I felt that I was born again. My life started at the age of forty years old, because, before that I was very bad, very bad, and even through all this I finished college and got my degree. I wasn’t a burden for my family, but I wasn’t okay. Now it’s a 360-degree change, a change for the good.”

Narcissi’s sister Angel’s final message was,

“My message for anybody watching this video, as I said before, don’t wait too long to embrace this solution, a solution of life, because this solution saves not just the patient’s life but the entire family’s life. This disease affects not just the patient or the family but the friends as well. And I hope that this solution, not so far from now, can be performed in many hospitals around the world and that young men being prepared to become psychiatrists will analyze this procedure, its pros and cons, and realize it’s the best solution.

We can give this gift to someone we love, so he can live also, not just lay in a bed, taking a medicine that keeps him sleeping almost 100 percent of the time, like a living dead. No, after this surgery, they live again. They have dreams again—projects, like my sister and I—we have projects together. I can count on her, and she has her own personal projects. So yes, there’s a way; there’s an after; there’s life.”

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