Making a Documentary


Your amateur documentary filmmaker is getting trained! Here I am in Los Angeles, Hollywood, attending a ‘Producing Profitable Documentaries’ workshop with 100 other documentary and feature filmmakers learning the ins and outs of film-making. It is really exciting. A lot of emphasis on planning and story boarding and showing rather than telling the story, which I never knew before jumping in, traveling to Ecuador and doing all of the initial filming.

Now, I am jumping 7 steps back, and starting again from the beginning visualizing a film that shows the story rather than telling it. A film in English of the case study of Sergio, an early patient of Dr. Mackliff, who had severe and chronic schizophrenia and who was relieved of some of the most debilitating symptoms such as loss of bladder and bowel control within the first 48 hours following the surgery, will be a part of the documentary. Sergio now lives a productive and peaceful life with his family in Mexicali; he returned to high school and finished his degree, plays the guitar and helps with the family business.

Sergio’s success story is nothing short of a miracle and was presented at the World Congress, Neurotalk, in 2015. If you would like to be an early viewer of the finished documentary, please write to me at and give me your name, email address and physical location, and I will try to invite you to a pre-showing event, if only on youtube.

In view of successful and profitable documentaries, I’d like to recommend Blackfish, which was recommended in my workshop as one of the best documentary examples of showing rather than telling a story. You’ll need to rent it on youtube for $2.99.


All of the excitement of filmmaking has been revived with my recent education endeavors.

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