Mackliff’s book ‘Schizophrenia & Parkinson Surgery’ now available on

link to Dr. Mackliff’s Author Page

Summary of Book

The book about Schizophrenia & Parkinson Surgery, allows patients and their families to obtain scientific information about the only surgical solution that definitely eradicates symptoms of these diseases and allows the patients to recover completely.

This book presents the latest medical breakthrough for the surgical treatment of Schizophrenia, where the author explains his theory on how the surgery works biochemically & physiologically, and on the other hand, displays unheard of results from actual cases from around the world after being operated.

The author, Dr. Jose Romeo Mackliff, an Ecuadorian Psychiatrist, is the creator of bilateral electrocoagulation adrenal medulla (B.E.A.M.).  He first discovered experimentally, 35 years ago, that high glucose levels, producing twelve hours of hyperglycemia, produced temporary short term relief of the symptoms in schizophrenia and subsequently, throughout the study, found that these improvements were due to high glucose levels blocking the releasing hormones and at the same time stopping the hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis (HPA) from being overactive. Hyperglycemia blocked the presence of adrenaline, glucagon and cortisol in the bloodstream.

The conclusion of this study was that the delayed action of these hormones was caused by the HPA axis fatigue and that it was necessary to block at least one of these hormones to relieve 30% of the axis’ work .

The crucial question became, which hormone must be eliminated by surgery. Adrenalin was chosen for being located in the adrenal Medulla on top of each kidney and could be easily eliminated by BEAM.

Thus, the axis fatigue was solved and the disruption of the gluco-regulation presenting in schizophrenics due to the failure of the adrenal response and chronic stress, resolved.

After BEAM, the Adrenaline is immediately replaced by norepinephrine produced in the brain, in such a way that the patient keeps the necessary hormonal function to deal with stress and eliminates the failure of the gluco-regulation from bringing normal levels of hormones to the HPA axis.

According to the results from the surgery, patients that show Parkinson´s disease who undergo BEAM surgery exhibit no symptoms immediately after surgery, but the results may vary and the patients might experience symptoms again. This is not the case with patients with schizophrenia who undergo the surgery.


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