My Story of Schizophrenia by Tippio Saxman


Guest Post author: Tyler Pearson (Tippio Saxman)

My Story

By Tippio Saxman

I grew up in a middle class family in Asheville North Carolina. I fell in love with music, and joined band class in middle school. I was an honor roll student in high school. I played at Carnegie Hall under the direction of Dr. Bryant.

It was the year after the 9/11 incident, and luckily our choir group was with us because they were singing a patriotic song a ground zero. I connected with my family and friends during the beautiful experience.

Little did anyone know I was continually hearing voices. Seven little girls were constantly attacking my ego. I thought it was normal. Before I understood what was happening I gave in to the voices commands, and I broke with reality.

My first experience at the hospital was devastating. I learned that the voices were not real. It was relieving to hear but I still struggled. I mainly struggled with finding me out of all the noise. I was under the impression that the world was full of hateful women. I was wrong because I was smothered in the love of my mother.

My insecurities are being stripped from me due to a change of impression, but I still struggle with trust. Anyways, I lost interest in music, running, and my education. I have battled with an associate degree for many years, but I have managed to work to keep my stamina.

I currently live in the historic district in Greenville South Carolina, and I am doing well. With support from the clubhouse model of rehabilitation, I feel empowered.

Author’s Note: Tyler has a website for schizophrenia awareness and support

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