Schizophrenia: Taking back Control

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Suzanne and my son, Marco

Beautiful Progress on Getting the Word out- Schizophrenia Cure

Beautiful Progress is being made both on publishing Dr. Mackliff’s medical book ‘Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery’ on Amazon and publishing my own book ‘A Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia’  by the end of the year. My film ‘A Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia’ is in the creative hands of Jose Alfonso, Marco’s father and Artistic Director, for editing and creating a story board that tells Marco’s, ours, Dr. Mackliff’s and his patients’ stories.

Soon I’ll be promoting my book and film on public radio interviews.

Let’s Take Back Control of our Lives

I am very excited about creating a foundation for Schizophrenia Support with chapters in California and applying for Soteria-like houses* to be re-established in neighborhoods in California through block grants. These alternative treatment centers offer an alternative to antipsychotic drug treatment, the only legal treatment currently offered in the United States.

*The Soteria Project — Schizophrenia without Anti-psychotics

Soteria-based Treatment Houses available in Europe

Surprisingly, Soteria has reemerged in Europe. Dr. Luc Ciompi, professor of social psychiatry in Bern, Switzerland, is primarily responsible for its renaissance. Operating since 1984, Soteria Bern has replicated the original Soteria study findings. That is, roughly two-thirds of newly diagnosed persons with schizophrenia recover with little or no drug treatment in 2 to 12 weeks (Ciompi, 1994, 1997a, 1997b; Ciompi et al., 1992). As original Soteria Project papers diffused to Europe and Ciompi began to publish his results, a number of similar projects were developed. At an October 1997 meeting held in Bern, a Soteria Association was formed, headed by Professor Weiland Machleidt of the Hannover University Medical Faculty. Soteria lives, and thrives, admittedly as variations on the original theme, in Europe.


3 thoughts on “Schizophrenia: Taking back Control

  1. Congratulations on your new book “A Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia”, Suzanne! I am proud of you!


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