Final Messages in Film ‘A Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia’ from Patients and Doctors

Danny’s Message:
What I can tell anybody suffering from this disease, is to keep the faith, keep going, fight, and the doctors in Ecuador will help you become better; your life will become  normal again. I know this because Dr. Mackliff’s treatment has been successful for me, and after the surgery I haven’t had any relapse. I continued with the mediations for a while, but at a much lesser dosage. Keep up, trust in God. He will help you.”

Narcisa’s Message:
“It’s hard, it’s very hard! Because I felt that I was born again. My life started at the age of 40 years old, because before that I was very bad, very bad, and even through all this I finished college, got my degree; I wasn’t a burden for my family, but I wasn’t ok. Now it’s a 360 degrees change; a change for good”

Danny’s Mom:
“I would talk to the families of patients with schizophrenia, not to hesitate, go for the surgery, with Dr. Macliff or with whoever they like who can do it, because in our case, this gave us back our life. I was on the verge of madness …”

Narcisa’s Sister:
“My message for anybody watching this video, as I said before, don’t wait too long to embrace this solution, a solution of life, because this solution saves not just the patient’s life, but the entire family’s life. This disease affects not just the patient or the family, but friends also. So I hope that this solution, not so far from now, can be performed in many hospitals around the world, and that young men being prepared to become psychiatrists, analyze this procedure, its pros and cons, and that they realize it’s the best solution.

We have experienced it with my sister, who after 25 years with Schizophrenia, a case diagnosed as hopeless by two prominent doctors, now has said in her own words, she has been born again at 40 years old of age.

We can give this gift to someone that we love, so he can live also, not just lying there in a bed, taking a medicine that just keeps him sleeping almost 100% of the time, like a living dead. No, after this surgery, they live again, they have dreams again, projects, like my sister and I have projects together. I can count on her, and she has her own personal projects. So yes, there’s a way, there’s an after, there’s life”.

Dr. Sanchez, BEAM surgeon:
“I would tell them to trust in this surgical procedure if they want to achieve a more positive response for the patient’s future. Until now, the rate of success that we have achieved with it is 99.9%. Trust in us; time will prove us right”.

This research that Mackliff has carried out with such difficulty is an invitation for those who specialize in psychiatry and who are willing to combine traditional antipsychotic medicine with electrocoagulation of the adrenal medulla, which produces a “hypothalamic regulation of dopamine”, to continue the research. Dr. Mackliff has the patent on the BEAM procedure, but invites psychiatrists to be trained by him and to work with surgeons to do the surgery.

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