Letter from Coroner’s Office

Yesterday I received a letter from the Coroner’s Office in the County where my son took his life. It was regarding claiming the semi-automatic rifle that my son used to kill himself. Otherwise, I could complete a property destruction form, and they would destroy the gun. How did I feel receiving this reminder of my […]

Final Messages in Film ‘A Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia’ from Patients and Doctors

Danny’s Message: What I can tell anybody suffering from this disease, is to keep the faith, keep going, fight, and the doctors in Ecuador will help you become better; your life will become  normal again. I know this because Dr. Mackliff’s treatment has been successful for me, and after the surgery I haven’t had any relapse. I […]

Schizophrenia and the Family

“Any Family with a member or child with schizophrenia is forced to make a succession of rapid-fire decisions for which they have neither information nor experience. They turn to psychiatrists, and the doctors tell them nothing. Nothing, except to take the medicine and if there are any side effects, take another medicine. “What are the […]