Video of my Introduction to Living a Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia

Dear Friends,

It’s been two weeks without a post; I have been busy working on my film. Here is a video of my introduction in the documentary. Please enjoy.

Living a Life worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia

Making a film about such a vital topic is a rich experience. While viewing the film’s video of Danny,  Jose, Marco’s father, recognized Danny Carchi as the patient he had met when he traveled to Ecuador to meet Dr. Mackliff. He had described him at that time as “not 100% there, but so much better than he was, according to the mother.” That was three years ago when Danny had had the surgery only one year prior to meeting.

Jose commented that Danny had greatly improved, four years after the surgery. Danny told the film team in Ecuador that it took him three years to completely recover from schizophrenia and to have a normal life. He said that the progress was little by little.

This was a real time experience for me of the validity of the BEAM treatment.

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