Development of BEAM – Part 2

Mackliff (2)

Dr. Jose Mackliff

Dr. Mackliff states “The notorious failure of antipsychotics has inevitably gravitated to my work as a psychiatrist. I have felt encouraged and poised by a wide range of expertise in clinical psychiatry from giants in psychiatry such as Bleuler, Kretschmer, Freud, Jung, Fromm and the unforgettable psychiatric manuals of A Vallejo Najera – Mira y Lopez Delgado Honorius and the Treatment and Diagnosis of Mental Illness by CA Vasconcellos.”

The direction of the schizophrenia research has always been directed to antipsychotics during the last 50 years. Although it is not possible with antipsychotics to get an acceptable therapeutic response, there are no psychiatrists against the use of antipsychotics as they were until recently, the only therapeutic option they had. Antipsychotics were the result of a long investigation which began with the use of antihistamines and evolved to the creation of antipsychotics.

The combination of surgery and antipsychotics allowed Mackliff and Sanchez (his surgeon partner) to make a big turn in the course of neuropsychiatric therapy, as well as an awakening of the lethargy of over half a century with antipsychotic therapy without worthwhile results and without being able to eliminate the anguish and despair of those who feel helpless and disabled by Parkinson’s disease, and those with schizophrenia that change the real world for one that is not real.

Dr. Mackliff invites his colleagues to check the medical evidence that allows for the unification of antipsychotic action with that wonderful functional fit that only the autonomous system and hypothalamus can achieve after surgery of the adrenal medullas.

Self-Funded Investigation

The entire investigation that Dr. Mackliff has conducted over 30 years has been privately financed; the government never extended support. When the first schizophrenia patient was operated on in 2007, the patient’s mother asked Dr. Mackliff how many such cases he had operated on, and he told her none. Then she consulted with her children and after one week returned to have her daughter undergo the surgery. This 35-year-old patient was quite ill and would leave the home naked. Therefore, the mother kept her under lock and key. This patient was operated on eight years ago and now lives peacefully with her mother.

Dr. Mackliff felt that all of these successes were a blessing from GOD, since it had not been expensive research, and the surgical intervention called BEAM was a result of mere clinical observation. The BEAM procedure has now shown improved results in patients with schizophrenia over ten years and these results need to be documented in a formal investigation.

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