Anniversary of my Son’s Death

My son, Marco, left us this final poem before taking his life and changed our lives forever. I have dedicated my life to ‘living a life worth living’. “I think things are worth doing because they are difficult. We do things not to achieve something on the outside but to develop something on the inside. […]

Development of BEAM – Part 2

Dr. Jose Mackliff Dr. Mackliff states “The notorious failure of antipsychotics has inevitably gravitated to my work as a psychiatrist. I have felt encouraged and poised by a wide range of expertise in clinical psychiatry from giants in psychiatry such as Bleuler, Kretschmer, Freud, Jung, Fromm and the unforgettable psychiatric manuals of A Vallejo Najera […]

BEAM Development – Part 1

Dr. Jose Mackliff Behind the development of BEAM was the immense love and scientific curiosity that one doctor had for his schizophrenia patients in a schizophrenic ward of a psychiatric hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He was passionate about understanding the metabolism behind schizophrenia and to find a cure for the terrible disease schizophrenia. He watched his […]

Story behind the Documentary Film

Many of you know that my son took his life two years ago, but not everybody knows he had schizophrenia, and that is why he took his life. Early in my son’s illness, his father and I found out about a treatment in Ecuador called BEAM that was successfully treating people with schizophrenia and eliminating the […]

BEAM presented at World Congress Neurotalk 2015

BIT’s World Congress Neuroscience – 2015 Dr. Mackliff presented the BEAM treatment for schizophrenia to the Bit´s 6th annual Congress (Neurotalk 2015) held in Hangzhou, China. The World congress Neurotalk brings together basic and industry scientists, clinical investigators, academic physicians and pharmaceutical professionals with a shared goal of developing effective therapies for the most challenging […]