“Mommy, I feel normal now”

This is the English transcript of the interview with Danny Carchi in Guayaquil, Ecuador in May, 2016.

Interview with Danny Carchi

Hello my name is Danny Carchi and I am 32 years old.

At what age did you come to see Dr Mackliff?

I started to see Dr Macliff at the age of 28 years old.

Was that age that you started with the Schizophrenia symptoms?

No, I started way before that age.

What made you first come to see Dr. Mackliff?

I knew about Dr. Mackliff at the end of the year 2011. I read an article in a local Guayaquil newspaper EL UNIVERSO and they spoke  about Dr Mackliff and his treatment for schizophrenia.

What symptoms did you have at that time?

I thought I was being chased, that people could read my mind, everybody was paying attention to me, I had a hyperactive mind, too many ideas!

For how long had you had these symptoms?

Well, at that time in November 2011, I had the 4th relapse, the 3rd in 2010, the second in 2007 and the first in 2005, when everything started at the age of 21.

What were the main changes you experienced in your life after the BEAM procedure?

Since I started Dr. Mackliff’s treatment in April 2012, I began feeling more stable. Then I decided to have the surgery and after that for as long as the days went passing, I only had memories of the symptoms.

How long after the surgery did these changes occur?

2 months

Was it a total change?

It was a progressive change

Were you taking antipsychotic drugs?

Before the surgery I was taking a lot for several years; after the surgery only eponex and riperidone .

After the surgery, for how long did you continue taking the medicine?

The Dr told me it was not advisable to stop taking the medicine from one day to the other, so I had to be diminish the dose little by little, so I took 3 mg of riperidone, then I lowered it to 2 mg, and now I take Eponex ¼ of a pill, 25 mg a day.

Roberta Burgos (Mother):

What was your experience in your son’s changes before and after the surgery?

Before the surgery, his symptoms to me were very maddening, as his mother, because I knew nothing about this disease. I had never heard of this Schizophrenia disease, and I never thought it would happen in my family, and his symptoms were that he would become rigid, a lot of sweating, he couldn’t keep his balance, his food would fall from the spoon while eating. At this point I was desperate; we reached a point in which I had to feed him, specially at dinner time, after I was back from work. At bed time his feet became very cold, so I took him to the doctor, the doctors diagnosed him with depression; he was at the hospital for 15 days.

After this, at home, he was still working and studying and he returned to work. But after a month he experienced the same symptoms and was hospitalized again. This time they did a lot of exams, studies, and interviews, the doctors were thinking that maybe he was under the influence of drugs. All the results showed nothing bad, they did an electroencephalogram; he lost his job due to so any absences . After this I took him to a public hospital, where they administered to him a lot of drugs, 6 pills 3 times a day, and evenings. With these drugs, he had relapses after relapses, and all this before the surgery.

When he told me about the BEAM surgery I couldn’t understand how a surgery could help him with the schizophrenia, so, his brother and I consulted with Dr Mackliff. He explained to us all about the surgery, and I brought Danny to see Dr Mackliff. He took charge of all his medications, he switched them to something else, that made him feel stable. All of the tests prior to surgery began, and the surgery was performed the next day.

After BEAM Surgery

Around 18 hours after the the surgery, I was sitting next to him as I am now, and he told me “mommy I feel normal “. These were his first words, “I feel normal”.






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