Antipsychotics, the Proven Treatment for Profit

More proof for antipsychotic drug treatment.

What is proven about antipsychotic drug treatment is that the pharmaceutical industry with its alliance with the FDA, buys approval for its most expensive drugs, chemotherapeutic, radiation and antipsychotics. They pay a use fee for every drug submitted to the FDA for approval. This agreement was never approved by legislation or by the users of the drugs; it is simply a business agreement between the head of the FDA (a former CEO of a drug company) and the pharmaceutical drug lobby. The use fees for cancer drugs alone add up to a half a million dollars a year into the FDA. Antipsychotic drugs are approved after six to eight months of testing, and are not tested at the levels that most antipsychotics are prescribed. Antipsychotic drugs were the most profitable drugs for the pharmaceutical companies’ one trillion $ in sales globally in 2014.

One drug that is a close cousin of Thorazine…

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