Tragedy in Orlando

Orlando victims

Someone asked me if the 20 year old man who killed 50 innocent people and injured 49 others in Orlando, Florida could have had schizophrenia.

I responded  “Yes, he could have.”  But the tendencies to commit murder and for religious extremism would have had to have been there before the illness. A person only becomes  what was there before as a seed. The over-production of adrenaline in a person with schizophrenia is the catalyst for violence and aggressiveness. It would not be there if the disorder causing a flood of adrenaline to the brain wasn’t there.

This is the truth behind madness. You could say that in extreme movements such as ISIS and Naziism, there is an overproduction of adrenaline created in the masses by planetary alignments, stimulus of a damaged leader, perhaps with schizophrenia, and a result of the extreme stress in the environment.

Dr. Mackliff told me that he estimated the % of people with schizophrenia in Ecuador to be 10%. This was due to the high amount of stress in the lives of young people and drug use. Applying this percentage to the U.S., 20 million people could be affected by schizophrenia. This would mean that the genetic pre-disposition for schizophrenia is much more prevalent than previously thought.

It is indeed ‘a world gone mad’ that we are experiencing today. I am personally devastated by the acts of random violence like Orlando that are occurring around us. My mother and her family had to live through Nazi Germany in southern Poland where they lived in an Austrian, German speaking community, over four generations old. I feel that the violent nature of life is the fate for every generation, because it is the basic nature of life on our planet Earth. Schizophrenia is the microcosm; violence in the world, the macrocosm.

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