Schizophrenia doesn’t get better, doesn’t go away

I was just communicating with a friend in another country whose 26 year old son has just come out of the hospital after the 12th hospitalization since his first psychotic episode at age 20. Again he promises to take his medicine and continue on his own with the support of his mother of course.

The psychiatrists tell you to keep taking the medicine; they don’t tell you that the medicine will eventually make things worse or that the side effects are intolerable to most young adults. 75% of all young adults taking antipsychotic medicine stop taking it within the first year and a half.

As soon as they try to resume a normal life and normal sexual relationships, the medicine interferes with the normal functioning of their minds, emotions, sexuality and weight management.

It’s a no win situation with modern psychiatry. The new psychiatry combining surgery and psychiatry restores normal functioning within a few months and the rest of the recovery is based on learning to think and perceive life normally again.

Most of the patients who came to Dr. Mackliff were desperate for a treatment which would improve their lives or they were brought by family members who desperately wanted to improve their quality of life living with a person with schizophrenia. Their lives and the lives of their families had become intolerable. Schizophrenia does not only affect the person with the illness; it affects the entire family and their relationships with a lover and friends. My son sacrificed his life to save his father and his girlfriend from the stress his illness was causing them. He also sacrificed his life for himself. He knew his potential and that he would never realize it on antipsychotic drugs. Suicide was a courageous act; not the act of someone who had stopped taking his medicine. He did this also. He was cognizant of  his act; and his final poem showed this.



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