Watching Documentaries on Schizophrenia on ABC 20/20 and PBS

“Schizophrenia is a disease afflicting two million people in the U.S. What causes it is still a ‘mystery'”

“Now we can actually experience the audio hallucinations that go on in the minds of those with schizophrenia through a break-through in science by a doctor at Yale Psychiatric Institute.” And the film depicts the visual neurons and audio sounds of the threatening and dark voices that start to speak continuously in the minds of those with the terrible disease. “60% of those with schizophrenia have audio hallucinations and 40% visual. Religious symbols and black magic symbols are often the catalyst for the content of the audio voices.”

Dr. Mackliff’s cure for schizophrenia has identified the cause of the schizophrenia; the cause is no longer a mystery. It took one man’s courageous search into the metabolism behind schizophrenia to find the answer to what causes it and what cures it.

It is important to observe how the B.E.A.M surgery, bi-lateral electro-coagulation of adrenal medulla modifies the excess or decrease of dopamine (agonist action), the disorders of glucose-regulation in schizophrenia, the increase of acetylcholine in Parkinson, eliminates the disorders of moto neuron, changes the intracellular signaling and produces dramatic effects on behavior disorders, aggression, mood, feelings, improved socialization and rehabilitation of patients, and stress disappears. (Dr. Jose Mackliff)

It is important to make this treatment known through the documentary film I am producing now on ‘Living a Life Worth Living – a Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador’. Please take a moment now and contribute to the film production costs of this valuable project.

Please click on this link for the

Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador Film Documentary

GoFundMe Campaign to pay for expenses related to film production.

Thank you,

Suzanne Patterson, Productions



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