Accepting the Intimacy of Madness


Yesterday I had the opportunity to work with someone to whom I had emailed my book “The Tip of the Iceberg – a Toolkit for Schizophrenia” and a link to my blog, stating to send it to his son who has schizophrenia and lives with his mother abroad. He never responded to my initiative to send him help and never responded to me yesterday evening.

I puzzled over how to respond to him in a genuine and non-judgmental way. I simply ignored him, as there was no pulse of existence in him. I reflect on how other parents adapt to the madness of their child. Some parents refused to take their child out of hospitalization; and thus, the BEAM surgery failed. Others adapt to the robot-like passive behavior of their young adult under the influence of anti-psychotic treatment. They adjust to a new ‘normal’ in their lives. This happened to me before my son took his life. I too became numb to the reality of madness.

In the Latin country of Ecuador; the families kept their sibling and child at home and arrange the house to isolate them as much as possible. In some of the cases, the behaviors of the person afflicted with schizophrenia were unbearable: aggression and threatening behaviors, wearing diapers because they no longer could use the toilet, stopped speaking at all to their family members, screaming randomly and other equally non-social behaviors.

Clearly, the person afflicted with the terrible illness can not help their behaviors. People adapt differently to what they view as a hopeless situation. I believe this is the reason it will take the repeated message of ‘a cure for schizophrenia’ and the hope of B.E.A.M surgery to break through these self-imposed barriers to the illness.

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