Accepting a Cure for Schizophrenia

47 Year Old Woman Interviewed (on right) – testing video

Dr. Mackliff claims 97% success rate for curing 100 patients with chronic schizophrenia of the symptoms of schizophrenia. The three patients who were not successfully healed were due to social reasons such as lack of family support and economic reasons, not the B.E.A.M surgery.

I would not have used the word cure on my blog site had I not met Dr. Mackliff’s patients who had had the B.E.A.M surgery in Ecuador. They do not have schizophrenia anymore. Their whole disposition, awareness, intelligence and composure during the interviews was remarkable. These were not “star” patients; they were simply patients in Guayaquil who were willing to be filmed by productions. They all have normal lives now, based on their abilities and character they had before having schizophrenia and the B.E.A.M surgery.

Most of the patients who have come to Dr. Mackliff in Ecuador had severe symptoms and had had schizophrenia for many years. They were desperate and willing to try the treatment, even though it was relatively unknown and new at the time.

This is the way it is with all alternative treatments. This is why it takes 10 to 20 years for an alternative treatment to become known and accepted by the medical community and the public. I am hoping that my documentary film will help to escalate this process. Dr. Mackliff claims, based on his experience, that if a person who has had the symptoms of schizophrenia for only one to two years has the B.E.A.M surgery, their symptoms of schizophrenia will be completely cured within six months.

The B.E.A.M surgery has been done in Ecuador since 2006 and is only offered in Guayaquil, Ecuador by Dr. Jose Mackliff and Dr. Oscar  Sanchez and Dr. Joseph Sanchez. Dr. Mackliff owns the intellectual property for B.E.A.M procedure and is willing to train psychiatrists in the treatment.

6 thoughts on “Accepting a Cure for Schizophrenia

  1. My landlord lives in Cotacachi Ecuador and her 86 year old aunt is severely schizophrenic and they are desperate for help. She has become aggressive, won’t take her medication and will not eat. She has had this condition for thirty years. Can you tell me what it takes to get her the help she needs for her aunt. What kind of cost is involved etc.
    Thank you


    1. Yes, Because he lives in Ecuador, it should be very easy for him to take her to see Dr. Jose Mackliff in Guayaquil. His contact information is on his website BEAM is a surgery on the adrenal medulla glands above the two kidneys that quickly eliminates the symptoms of schizophrenia, and allow the patient to slowly reduce the amount of antipsychotic medicine they are on. Family support is needed for up to one year after the surgery. After that, whatever talents, education, and other characteristics a person had before having schizophrenia will be restored after the surgery and post-surgery recovery. The cost is $10,000 US $ for the surgery although they have done it for half the amount for people who are poor or cannot afford the normal price. Dr. Mackliff is a very good doctor and your landlord should take his aunt to see him very soon. He instills confidence in the patient and the family members. I wish you the best with pursuing this solution. Here is a trailer for a documentary film I am making about Dr. Mackliff and BEAM. Suzanne Patterson


      1. I am married now too an ecuadorian woman for almost five years. When we met she had told me that she had three children , one that whom was schizofrenic. When I met her ill son for the first time he was verry jelouse of my being close to his mother, this is a normal reaction. He was 15 when we met , and a little terror ! He had suffered for 6 years with his affliction. Now it is almost 5 years later and his symtoms have escalated drasticly !! The first year we had met I had investigated Dr. Mckliff and his B.E.A.M. procedure, I was waiting in antisipation that her son would get better in time, but just the oposite had happened. So here we are in Guayaquil Ecuador , we had the operation done one week ago and are hopeing for the best.


      2. Dear Michael,

        I am very glad to hear your story; I’m sure that your stepson will become better. Continue with the followup care that Dr. Mackliff recommends. I commend your action and your marriage to a woman with a schizophrenic son.

        Warmest regards,
        Suzanne Patterson


  2. To all concerned….I’ts been almost a month now since we dicided to under go with Dr. Mackliff’s procedure. As of yet we have seen almost no improvement in “GEORGE” . He has become much more talkative at best , when I Say talakative I mean…..yelling and demanding his way( insulting everyone in the room). I’m hopeing in time some good will come from what we have decided to do , God help us !


    1. Hay, can you please describe more. You sad almost no improvement, so is their at least some changes. Something positive? Please stay in touch we are very concern. Because we are just like you looking for help. If you can just keep inform everyone at least once a month about changes.


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