Making of a Film – Living a Life Worth Living – Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador

Beautifully dressed Ecuadorian woman at breakfast in Guayaquil I use the word ‘Cure’ in the film title now, because of what I experienced in Ecuador. The B.E.A.M surgery, bi-lateral electro-coagulation of the adrenal Medulla, is the only alternative treatment for schizophrenia in the world and it cures (eradicates the symptoms of schizophrenia) schizophrenia. This marvelous […]

It’s a Wrap!

Photo at the Historical Park at the Historical Chocolate Distribution Office This morning Rocio ‘Chio’ left to fly back to California. It was a full week of filming culminated by an interview with a psychiatrist in District Urdesa last evening. I believe we got the full picture from many different sides of the alternative treatment for […]

Beginning Day 4 in Ecuador

Last night we went out to a beautiful restaurant created in an old house in the Urdesa  District of Guayaquil, a section of the city famous for its nightlife. The atmosphere, food and company was excellent! Starters was four abalone shells each with different meats and shrimp on little skewers. A dish of fried squid […]

Completion of Day 3 in Ecuador

Altar painting from the church at the top of the hill in Los Penas. Yesterday we completed the second patient interview and an interview with Dr. Jose Mackliff, both at his office in the Center of Guayaquil. The second interview was different, but equally encouraging as the first patient interview. I found out that Dr. […]

Day 2 in Guayaquil – First Patient Interview

Day 2 in Guayaquil Monday was such a remarkable and satisfying day for our documentary. We had our first patient interview with a 27 year old man named Danny and his mother, Loretta. They both were completely composed for the interview and understood the importance of their story for other young people with schizophrenia and […]

Arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Click here to view Arriving in Guayaquil Guayaquil is a quiet historical town southeast of Quito, the capital city. We were met at the airport by Dr. Mackliff, his son Jose Mackliff and Dr. Sanchez. Dr. Mackliff is a radiantly healthy and happy 70 year old man; he spoke with us in very clear English and […]