Learn what causes Schizophrenia & what Cures

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Dr. Jose Mackliff

Dr. Jose Mackliff, founder of the B.E.A.M treatment in Ecuador, has filmed the introduction to my documentary, ‘Living a Life worth Living – Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador’. He explains how it was developed, why the B.E.A.M surgery works, the results from doing this surgery on 100 people with schizophrenia and the hope for the future of B.E.A.M , a new direction in psychiatry combining antipsychotic drugs with surgery.

All of Dr. Mackliff’s research has led to an understanding that with antipsychotic treatment alone, the sequence will always be.

Patient – psychiatrist + antipsychotics- = relapse – Hospital = chronic illness.

Combining antipsychotics + surgery the sequence is:

Patient – psychiatry – surgery + antipsychotics = recovery + reduced antipsychotics, adjustment and subsequent elimination of psychiatric medication.

Please support this valuable documentary that offers real hope to the 20 million people in the U.S. afflicted with schizophrenia. A gofundme campaign is posted on Facebook onlythedifficult.com.

One thought on “Learn what causes Schizophrenia & what Cures

  1. Good morning Dr Mackliff. I felt hopeless when the doctor told me my son has esquizophrenia and even worse when she said there is no cure. My son is under medicine supposedly for life which makes him feel sleepy all day plus he is gaining weight very fast. I really want my son to have the surgery to cure his sickness. Please contact me as soon as possible. I called you last Friday at4 pm, I was on hold but the phone call dropped, I try to call you again but then it said that phone number was wrong. Please help me, it hurts so much to see my son under those conditions.


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