Testimony from Parkinson Patient

The BEAM treatment also treats Parkinson disease, a disease caused by an imbalance of dopamine in the brain.

It is important to observe how the same surgery modifies the excess or decrease of dopamine (agonist action), the disorders of glucose-regulation in schizophrenia, the increase of acetylcholine in Parkinson, eliminates the disorders of moto neuron, changes the intracellular signaling and produces dramatic effects on behavior disorders, aggression, mood, feelings, improved socialization and rehabilitation of patients, and stress disappears.

Here is a testimonial from the family of Carmen Duchi.

My dear DR JOSE Mackliff,

We salute you from the Canton Beaches. Please receive a cordial and affectionate greeting from the husband and daughter of your patient Carmen Duchi. We thank God for giving us the opportunity to know Dr. Mackliff as a professional in the field of specialized medicine in INTERNAL MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY, and you personally, distinguished and honorable doctor, and all of your team and methods that enable this major surgery. By serving others, Dr. Mackliff with vocation and love and his great knowledge and experience in surgery for Parkinson and Schizophrenia, has given us a great hope for restored health and life in our family.

As a child I share this testimony of my life living with Parkinson disease. Seven years ago, my mother began to suffer from Parkinson’s disease. As time passed the symptoms were constant; leg pain, headache, depression, memory loss, speech and vision, unsteady balance and stiffness in the muscles throughout her body. She began relying on others, because she could not eat alone, dragged her feet to walk, and fell from one side to another.

After going to different doctors, we had no hope of improvement and when the symptoms presented their strongest, the whole family felt desperate anguish from the changes in our social life together. With the blessing of God, we found out through the internet about Dr. Mackliff who specialized in this terrible disease. It was by this means that we contacted Dr. JOSE Mackliff who was the only doctor in our country who had developed a surgical process called EBMA along with the best urologist, DR. Oscar Sanchez, in the country.

We went to his office to begin the treatment for my mom. She was operated on November 19, 2015 and with this great intervention four days after the surgery, she started walking alone and already has two and a half months with the great changes such as walking normally, repositions herself to sleep, is able to get up quickly from bed, and eats with less difficulty. The rigidity of her body, especially in the arms face and spinal column, are gone.

We feel that God gave the family the decision to give our mother the EBMA operation.

Infinitely grateful, I leave. I hereby continue to report on the recovery of my dear mother.

My phones are 0981946484 to 0986469727.

Family of Carmen Duchi

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