How to Present BEAM to Young People with Schizophrenia

When you have schizophrenia, it is difficult to read, difficult to think and almost impossible to make decisions. You feel that your life is out of your control and you are paranoid about doctor’s treatments that up until now have resulted in terrible side effects, continual hospitalizations and lack of real information about the side effects from the drugs they are taking or not taking which is often the case.

My son’s final stance after deciding to take his life, was “I don’t need to see a psychiatrist!” and he never did for the last six months of his life.

First hand experience is the best convincer. When Danny and Narcissa first went to see Dr. Mackliff after reading about his treatment in a college newspaper and a city newspaper, the two people became immediately calm and trusted themselves to Dr. Mackliff’s care.

I recommend that you give your child Dr. Mackliff’s phone number and the phone numbers of several of his patient’s who have had the BEAM surgery and have offered to share their experience.

Dr. José Mackliff
Colon 315 y Pedro Carbo
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Ph: +(5934)2531080

Show them the photo of the back of the human body (a blog posting) showing the location of the BEAM surgery and the size of the cuts. People hearing about BEAM surgery, first think that the surgery is in the brain. That is frightening!

Here are two testimonials with phone numbers that the person can call. Give them as much control over their lives as you can. If they are severely ill with schizophrenia, offer to take them on a vacation to Ecuador and take them to meet Dr. Mackliff.

To whom It may concern,

Hi. I am Annabel Chavarría. By means of this letter I want to share my experience. On April 2010 I was operated in Guayaquil, Ecuador for my symptoms of schizophrenia by the famed ecuadorean Psychiatrist Dr. Jose Romeo Mackliff. The surgery on me had extraordinary and fabulous results, and due to that fact I am completely normal in my everyday life.

I am currently attending Metro State University for my major in nutrition, at the same time, I work for the fast food restaurant franchise, KFC – Kentucky fried Chicken at 4740, Bromley Lane in Brighton, Colorado where I work as a supervisor. To this day I consider myself a productive and very successful person; but it wasn´t always like this

Before my surgery, I was completely ill, and couldn´t function as a normal person, who works, studies, and takes care of her daughter; and sometimes, I couldn´t even take care of myself. Things that I do now effortlessly. When I was ill, my thoughts were so terrible and strong that I was impossible for me to go back to normality. I couldn´t think right. Now, I am totally grateful with Dr. Mackliff since my life changed, and I feel reborn. I wish this surgery can be performed in the United States so that many people that are ill can be saved. I want to let you know that If you need any information from me, you can contact me directly. My phone number is 720-569-6368

Annabel Chavarría

Testimony of Olga Meraz

My name is Olga Meraz, and I want sincerely and wholeheartedly to give a testimony. We have come to Guayaquil, Ecuador, with our daughter Melissa who sadly had suffered from chronic schizophrenia for about 12 years. On the day April 19, 2016, Dr. Jose Mackliff made a wonderful surgery for our daughter, with immediate results in her favor. My daughter had many changes in her person. Like you who have a relative with schizophrenia, you know what I mean, and those who do not know that symptoms patients suffer summarize them quickly, have bipolar disorder, mood swings, aggressiveness, irritation, stress, depression, and among many the saddest wish of violating their own life. I want to tell you that lately Melissa laughed alone and with much more frequency. Her gaze often unpleasant. and especially much insomnia has stopped. First let me say that I thank you very much to God first, and then to Dr Mackliff for this so fabulous Surgery, where changes are immediate and where no doubt that our daughter and family will start a fresh new life with very good quality. I do not want to miss mentioning the excellent treatment by doctors and clinic staff where the surgery was performed, without encouraging you to contact Dr. Mackliff that like us to help you with all our heart. I bid you farewell but not before leaving you my phone number to call us and trust to contact us with  any questions gladly help 619-548-98 -30. a hug and a thousand benedictions.



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