Making of a Film – Draft #2

Take #1 of Introduction to Film

This film now has a plan for how it will look on the screen. Here is a preview of

‘Living a Life Worth Living – Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador’

I plan to hire a professional female broadcaster from KUSC classical station to narrate the film from the beginning. The narration will connect all of the scenes and tell the story.
Landing scene –
airport arrival – filmed at Tijuana airport
title of film and producer
scene touring around center of Guaquil with narrator speaking and music dimmed.
Narrator begins with my story “We arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador in May of 2016 to film the work of Dr. Jose Mackliff, etc.
I enter with “Marco wrote this poem on the day before he took his life and recite his final poem.
Dr. Macliff’s introduction
Photo of Luis Verano hospital and ward where Mackliff was the director for 13 years and where he began to develop the BEAM procedure. (Jose to take and send)
Interview with both doctors
film of Mackliff and Suzanne standing outside fence through Dr climbs fence he once had to climb for two weeks to feed the dogs amphetamines that were being tested with BEAM surgery. University was on strike and the gates were locked.
Interview #1
Shot of Danny and mom
narrator reads Danny’s background
interview with Danny and Mom
Interview #2
shot of Narcissi and Angel
narrator reads Narcissi’s background
interview with Narcissi and Angel
Interview #3
Shot of Sur Hospital
narrator reads Telulla’s story and interview
touring Guayaquil – music background maybe use the video Rocio  created.
party at doctors
photo of Maria and Suzanne at pool
Interview with surgeons
narrator introduces surgeons and their role in BEAM surgery
Interview with psychiatrist from Guayaquil
Presentation with psychiatrists in July
Future of BEAM and new type of psychiatric care merging surgery and psychiatry
Slide of formula for combining psychiatry with surgery (Suzanne to provide)
Narrator concludes film with vision of hope for those with schizophrenia
Dedication page to Marco Joshua Alfonso
Music through end of film

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