Making of a Film – Living a Life Worth Living – Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador


Beautifully dressed Ecuadorian woman at breakfast in Guayaquil

I use the word ‘Cure’ in the film title now, because of what I experienced in Ecuador. The B.E.A.M surgery, bi-lateral electro-coagulation of the adrenal Medulla, is the only alternative treatment for schizophrenia in the world and it cures (eradicates the symptoms of schizophrenia) schizophrenia.

This marvelous treatment was developed by Dr. Jose Mackliff and is done by surgeons Dr. Oscar Sanchez and his son, Dr. Joseph Sanchez, in Guayaquil, Ecuador at the Sur Hospital. The doctors work as a team and represent a new form of psychiatry only existing since after BEAM was developed.

During our visit last week, we filmed three interviews with patients and their families,  three interviews with Dr. Mackliff, Dr. Oscar Sanchez and Dr. Joseph Sanchez, and one interview with Dr. Joseph Varas, a psychiatrist in Guayaquil. Additionally, we filmed different locations in Guayaquil with Dr. Mackliff which told his story about developing B.E.A.M.

I am now requesting three additional scenes to be filmed to make the message in the film even more powerful.

Since the beginning of documenting the documentary on this blog, a woman from the Eastern United States has already contacted me and has made a consultation appointment with Dr. Mackliff for her son who has schizophrenia.

Each of the patients interviewed were asked to share a message with young people who have schizophrenia now in the U.S., and their messages were messages of strong hope, faith and belief in a cure for their schizophrenia.

I believe that this film is going to make a real difference in the lives of young people in North America who have schizophrenia now. My aim is to sell this film to Public Broadcasting Television to share with the world.

The work now is to create the voice over in English and to edit the large amount of film we returned with. This process is estimated to take about two months. I will keep you updated on this blog.


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