It’s a Wrap!


Photo at the Historical Park at the Historical Chocolate Distribution Office

This morning Rocio ‘Chio’ left to fly back to California. It was a full week of filming culminated by an interview with a psychiatrist in District Urdesa last evening. I believe we got the full picture from many different sides of the alternative treatment for schizophrenia in Ecuador. The psychiatrist was very positive toward the work of Dr. Mackliff and Dr. Sanchez, and also sees the future application of surgery and psychiatry working together.

After interviewing last evening, we met Jose Mackliff Jr at a beautiful shopping center called Santa Marina center. It topped the most beautiful shopping malls in Southern California which says a lot. We ate Peruvian food and drank Spanish beer. It was a celebration!!!!

Chio was fabulous as the photographer and cinematographer. She was confident, directed the people being filmed, tested the equipment each time for sound and lighting, captured the essence of the interviews, scenery of the city and downloaded each day’s video onto an external drive. Now, the story will reveal itself as she begins to edit the video.

I’m here for two more days of relaxation and work in Guayaquil! Making this documentary film has been the best Mother’s Day present that I’ve ever received.




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