Beginning Day 4 in Ecuador


Last night we went out to a beautiful restaurant created in an old house in the Urdesa  District of Guayaquil, a section of the city famous for its nightlife. The atmosphere, food and company was excellent! Starters was four abalone shells each with different meats and shrimp on little skewers. A dish of fried squid was included and little bowls of aolie picante to dip them in.

I had crab salad that was actually abalone shells with different preparations of the crab meat, rossoto rice and two crab meat empanadas which I took para llavar. This was accompanied by two crisp cold bottles of Chilean reserve sauvignon blanc wine. Dr. Oscar Sanchez was our host.

The conversation was delightful and informative. Dr. Sanchez spoke of the three hour BEAM surgery that could be done in five minutes using laparoscopy, a common technology used in the U.S. for surgeries.

Dr. Mackliff explained again with beautiful clarity the reason BEAM procedure works perfectly to correct the chemical cycles resulting in excessive dopamine produced in the limbic areas of the brain and to change the neuron signaling , thus eliminating the symptoms of schizophrenia. I understood everything perfectly because I had edited Dr. Mackliff’s medical book in English. Dr. Mackliff said that the American people are more interested in his medical understandings than doctors. But he said things were changing in the psychiatric profession, and that some psychiatrists were becoming interested in BEAM.

Today we are tourists in the morning and will do more filming of Dr. Sanchez and his son, Joseph (the surgeons) in the late afternoon. Today is Chio’s last day and we will visit the historical park and the traditional Artisan market where they sell lama wool products.





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