Arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Guayaquil is a quiet historical town southeast of Quito, the capital city. We were met at the airport by Dr. Mackliff, his son Jose Mackliff and Dr. Sanchez. Dr. Mackliff is a radiantly healthy and happy 70 year old man; he spoke with us in very clear English and his son, educated in the U.S., spoke English perfectly. Dr. Sanchez spoke perfect Spanish, so he communicated mostly with Chio who is Mexican.

After having a coffee at the airport and posing for photos taken by Chio, they took us to our hotel, the Grand Hotel, a beautiful and serene 5 star hotel. There will be some photos with this post tomorrow morning. After checking in and changing our clothes, we set off touring the downtown area of historical Guayaquil; photos of the beautiful gothic cathedral; iguana park, the harbor and historical ship that sails to different parts of the world every year; the protest march by the largest workers party in Ecuador and the yellow tape marked ‘Peligrosa’ posted around many buildings where there has been earthquake damage.

Tomorrow afternoon, we will have our first interview with a patient and a big party with live jazz music at Dr. Mackliff’s house in the evening. There we will meet the embassy  officials, other doctors, friends and family of Dr. Mackliff and Dr. Sanchez.

They have given us a warm welcome and we feel very well here. It will be a week worth living. A license plate I saw on the day of leaving stated ‘GIV IT ALL’ Give it your all! and we will.

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