Learn what causes Schizophrenia & what Cures

Dr. Jose Mackliff Dr. Jose Mackliff, founder of the B.E.A.M treatment in Ecuador, has filmed the introduction to my documentary, ‘Living a Life worth Living – Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador’. He explains how it was developed, why the B.E.A.M surgery works, the results from doing this surgery on 100 people with schizophrenia and the […]

Testimony from Parkinson Patient

The BEAM treatment also treats Parkinson disease, a disease caused by an imbalance of dopamine in the brain. It is important to observe how the same surgery modifies the excess or decrease of dopamine (agonist action), the disorders of glucose-regulation in schizophrenia, the increase of acetylcholine in Parkinson, eliminates the disorders of moto neuron, changes […]

Inner Reflections

Attributed to Buddha Death is not the end of a life; my son’s life continues into another life where he will find his own spiritual path. I believe that a life is meant for giving all that one has from one’s being to others. This is the true expression of love and a spiritual path. […]

Making of a Film – Draft #2

Take #1 of Introduction to Film This film now has a plan for how it will look on the screen. Here is a preview of ‘Living a Life Worth Living – Cure for Schizophrenia in Ecuador’ I plan to hire a professional female broadcaster from KUSC classical station to narrate the film from the beginning. […]

Dr. Jose Mackliff & Dr. Oscar Sanchez

It was a real privilege to meet and know Dr. Mackliff in Guayaquil, his home. He is an example of what every doctor should strive for. He sincerely loves his patients and loves medicine. It was from his passion to lessen the suffering of his schizophrenic patients in Hospital Luis Verano that he witnessed daily for […]

Economy of Guayaquil, Ecuador

Coffee beans in Ecuador Chocolate fruit containing Beans Ecuador’s main agricultural products are chocolate, bananas and coffee, in that order. They also are a major exporter of roses to all parts of the world. Oil is also a significant part of the economy. Because of the lowered oil prices during the past year, the country […]