Two Days before Leaving for Ecuador

Photo on 4-28-16 at 2.35 PM

What should I pack? Weather is similar to southern CA except more humidity; baggage is free on Avianta Airlines.

One large suitcase and one backpack holding Macbook Air computer, Rodeway shotgun microphone, 128 gb memory card for video camera and notebook for recording notes. iPhone is packed with Google books, music, etc. for nine hours of total layover time on a cheap flight ($538 round trip from LAX) to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Suitcase is packed with many OnlyTheDifficult teeshirts to give as gifts to the doctors, the doctors’ wives, the patients being interviewed, their brothers and parents. Many photos of people in Guayaquil flaunting the teeshirts (front and back logos) will be taken. Picture an Indie movie dance scene with everyone wearing the teeshirts.

Clothes are mostly casual, a dress and heels for an introduction party at Dr. Mackliff’s on Monday night, jeans and skirts for interviews and filming around Guayaquil. swimsuit and exercise clothes for the hotel, a rain jacket and umbrella for afternoon rains and that’s about it. Traveling is actually very simple. I’ve been preparing for this trip and film shooting for almost two years. It is a dream actualized and I’m excited. I hope you will be too, following the blog on our travels.

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