Ecuador Documentary – Planning

Family and Art and Apollo photos 0529 004
Suzanne and son, Marco

From the beginning of knowing nothing about filming – to having funding and airline tickets leaving April 30th, now is the time for planning!

What story do I want to tell? What shots do I want to take besides the filming of the interviews? How do I make the people with schizophrenia feel comfortable to tell their stories?

There is a process called story boarding where you draw boxes on paper (shots) and write what you want in each box. I have begun that process. The story I want to tell is about the difference one person (Dr. Mackliff) has made for people with schizophrenia by putting his heart and soul into a lifetime of research and finding a treatment that greatly improves the outcomes for those with schizophrenia. This is not a cause – this is a positive breakthrough and a solution!

I want to show the faces of loved young people and their mothers and fathers who have been ‘cured’ of the terrible disease schizophrenia. I want to invite them with love to share their stories. I want to give each one a teeshirt with my son’s photo on it and share my story with them.

I hope to bring tears of joy to my viewers eyes and great hope to my young viewers with schizophrenia’ hearts. This film is an act of love created by the parents of Marco, Suzanne and Jose,  and Dr. Mackliff. It’s driven by the spirit and love from my son. I feel his presence with me everyday as I work on this project. ‘Alright, mom!” “Cool” “My parents finally got it together.”

Chio, my young friend in San Diego who will film the film, has worked with me on my first book called “Blessings” which was written after the death of my son and expressed my transformation of his death; she designed the cover for my second book, ‘The Tip of the Iceberg – a Toolkit for Schizophrenia’ written for parents and doctors of patients with schizophrenia. She rose to the occasion to offer to help film “Living a Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia in Ecuador.’

Stay tuned to for continual updates and footage shot in Ecuador!

I will create a travel diary for all of you!

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