Patient Testimonials who had B.E.A.M. Surgery

All operated patients have expressed to Dr. Mackliff their appreciation personally, but here is a small sample of a few who sent Dr. Mackliff emails and letters, deciding to speak for themselves:


Danny Carchi – letter

Gquil 28-01-14


José Mackliff


I am Danny Carchi of Guayaquil – Ecuador.

I presented catatonic schizophrenia at age 21 that is in 2005, the symptoms were that came to my mind thoughts all the time and heard voices. That was the early months until one day presented a catatonic state and with my mom went to see my work boss and  she  recommended us that we consulted a psychiatrist  because she found me very rigid..

After several studies the Dr. who checked me at the hospital determined that I had catatonic schizophrenia, hence we continued treatment in the psychiatric hospital.

In 2007 I presented a relapse, that is, I returned to the symptoms I had in the beginning, but with proper treatment I was able to overcome it. Then in 2010 and 2011 I had other relapses.

By early 2012 I met Dr. Mackliff and the solution for the disease in an operation. We got in touch with Dr. and on June 5, 2012 thanks to God I was summited to this operation.

After several months of surgery I could see improvement, the symptoms have not come again, only rarely. I feel sensations on the skin, which came after the first year of illness.

Currently I feel good, I’m studying computer networks in an institute here in Guayaquil, following treatment of Dr. Mackliff.

Thank you very much doctor for your treatment and care. After God you have been the solution to my illness, my family and me. thank you infinitely.


Danny Carchi

0992051515 —- telef Ced. 0922743158


He underwent surgery on April 7, 2012

From: To Subject: Sergio Alejandro Caso Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 17:21:22 -0700

At 17 months after surgery

Dr. Mackliff:

Waiting everything is well, I write until now because Sergio is in a working school and was waiting for the evolution, and to tell you some information. Until now everything is fine, he does well the tasks assigned in school and at home too, is quiet, greets more and has better social relations, has left his rituals, plus he has had his first meeting with a doctor psychologist, he was quiet at that meeting and I hope to give you more details in the following email.

Maria Emilia:

Thanks for letting me know the details of the evolution of Sergio Alejandro Gomez; You. Know the great importance of this evolution for the other patients and for me too.

I repeat that we depend on small changes of bioelectric rhythms that constitute behaviors and thoughts, and are in charge of that small gland which is the hypothalamus which we are stimulating after surgery for eliminating symptoms occur to Sergio Alejandro who has 17 months since being operated (the operation of Sergio Alejandro Gomez from Mexicali Baja California was the April 3, 2012 in Sur Hospital).

I reiterate my thanks for your information.


Dr. Jose Mackliff.


Dr. Mackliff:

Receive greetings of your patient Sergio Alejandro, commenting that I am in good health and contacting you from my computer where I am managing well and play on it, I’m taking guitar lessons, and I will try to pass my exams for my degree school, studying a subject a month, I’m going to physical classes to do exercise twice a week.

Sergio Alejandro Gomez.

Cecilia Acosta



To: dr. Mackliff

Dr. Mackliff:

This is to notify you how my son Sergio Alejandro after B.E.A.M operation on April 7, 2012 has developed.

The symptoms he had before the operation were:

Visual and auditory hallucinations, watched and heard things that frightened him and made him run for no reason, tachycardia, anxiety, especially aggression unchecked (broke furniture, we wanted to hang my daughter and me several times) ,after he  have no sphincter control  and wear diapers, we had to put him because he is outside the world, spoke nothing ,only yes or not, did not take medicines nether eat, all this it was tipped forces. It was appalling all that picture, immediately after operation he started going to the bathroom on his own feet, gradually he has been coming to reality and all the other symptoms have disappeared, he is studying guitar, plays futball, studying a short program to finish high school.

I say goodbye to you hoping that this testimony will help new patients, receive our greetings.

Atte. Emilia Acosta

Sergio Alejandro

Cecilia Acosta



Dr. Mackliff.

I communicate with you now because I have been decreasing the medication and it is good now.  I take very little and I have been very fine. I’m studying to finish high school.



Annabel Chavarria

To whom it May concern:

Hi, I’m Annabel Chavarria. Through this letter I want others to know that in April 2010 I was operated in Guayaquil Ecuador for my symptoms of schizophrenia by the renowned Dr. Joseph Romeo Mackliff. The operation was extraordinary with fabulous results; by which this day I am completely normal in my contemporary life. I am currently attending the University Metro State University for my specialty in dietary nutrition. While studying, I work for the restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken located at 4740 Bromley Lane in Brighton Colorado, where I am supervisor. I consider today a very productive and successful person!

But it was not always like this!! Before being operated was completely sick why it was not possible to function as a normal person, work, study, care for my daughter, sometimes I could not wait on myself!! Things that I now do easily! When I was sick my bad thoughts were so ugly and loud that it was impossible for me to get back to normal!

It became impossible for me to think well; without disorder! I am now full of gratitude for Dr. Mackliff because he changed my life. I was reborn as the people say.  The doctor is a very smart person and I hope that this operation could take place in the United States so that it can help so many people who are sick. I let you know that any information you need from me, you can contact me directly !! My phone number is: 720-569-6368 Thanks, Annabel Chavarria.

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