Electro-shock Treatment for Schizophrenia Submitted to FDA

Electro-shock Treatments for Schizophrenia when Antipsychotics don’t Work This is the latest retro medical treatment proposed by the American Association of Psychiatrists who just don’t know what else to do when antipsychotics don’t work. If this is shocking, consider how much power the pharmaceutical industry and lobbyists have in charting the treatment protocol for mental illness […]

We’re Leaving for Ecuador!

This evening ‘Chio’, my cinematographer arrived by Greyhound bus to Long Beach, about 40′ south of Redondo Beach where I live. She will stay with me tonight, and we will both go to the airport together early Saturday morning, even though her flight leaves three hours later. Traveling to a new place you’ve never been […]

Two Days before Leaving for Ecuador

What should I pack? Weather is similar to southern CA except more humidity; baggage is free on Avianta Airlines. One large suitcase and one backpack holding Macbook Air computer, Rodeway shotgun microphone, 128 gb memory card for video camera and notebook for recording notes. iPhone is packed with Google books, music, etc. for nine hours […]

Film Objectives in Ecuador

The film objectives in Ecuador are the following: Show persons with schizophrenia, now having a life worth living after B.E.A.M surgery. Dr. Mackliff says that they don’t have schizophrenia any more. Hear it in their stories from parents and children. Show how it wasn’t always that way. (Patients and family describe how it was before.) […]

Schizophrenia Treatment in Ecuador

Suzanne Patterson – Blog author and documentary producer A treatment for schizophrenia and parkinson’s called B.E.A.M is available in Ecuador. It is restoring ‘a life worth living’ in the 85 people who have received the surgical treatment thus far. My mission is to make this treatment known to the English speaking world, as all of the people […]

Ecuador Documentary – Planning

From the beginning of knowing nothing about filming – to having funding and airline tickets leaving April 30th, now is the time for planning! What story do I want to tell? What shots do I want to take besides the filming of the interviews? How do I make the people with schizophrenia feel comfortable to […]

Living the Life worth Living Documentary

‘Living the Life Worth Living – Alternative Treatment for Schizophrenia in Ecuador’  film documentary project is now Scheduled! On April 30, 2016, Suzanne Patterson and Rocio Murra (filmmaker) set off for Guayaquil, Ecuador for 10 days of filming: interviews with Dr. Mackliff and Dr. Sanchez, patients treated by B.E.A.M and recovered from schizophrenia, the clinic, […]

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Symptoms of schizophrenia can be difficult to diagnose. Here are some guidelines to follow: The symptoms that can be used to diagnose schizophrenia were first described to me by Dr. Hildalgo Mackliff, an Ecuadorian psychiatrist and researcher whom we contacted early in Marco’s illness. He was the Director of the Schizophrenia Ward at Luis Vernaza Hospital […]

Why not a cure for Schizophrenia?

Dr. Joseph Hildalgo Mackliff, discoverer of B.E.A.M procedure Why is it so hard to believe that through pure dedication and excellent scientific knowledge, credentials and experience, a doctor could find a way to improve the symptoms and the cause of the disease schizophrenia itself? There was no million dollar funding from pharmaceutical companies funding his […]

Patient Testimonials who had B.E.A.M. Surgery

All operated patients have expressed to Dr. Mackliff their appreciation personally, but here is a small sample of a few who sent Dr. Mackliff emails and letters, deciding to speak for themselves: 1.CASE OF DANNY CARCHI: Danny Carchi – letter Gquil 28-01-14 Sr.Dr. José Mackliff Regards. I am Danny Carchi of Guayaquil – Ecuador. I […]