One thing that would have saved my son’s life


The knowledge that stress brings on the symptoms of schizophrenia and also is behind the first psychotic episode of schizophrenia is simple information.

It is very likely that stress affects all areas of the brain, but particularly the prefrontal and temporal regions: the same dysfunctional neural regions involved in schizophrenia. The fact that this link is not so often explored by many authors of popular theories about schizophrenia reminds me of the old metaphor that says, it’s difficult for the fish to see the water around them. Psychiatrists don’t seem to understand this simple relationship between stress and the progression of the disease.

People with schizophrenia cannot overcome deep tension for example, recovery of self-esteem, can be long-term, adding to their social isolation, the alienation and sense of social defeat. These aspects contribute to the spiral to more stress and anxiety and a deep sense of helplessness.

If I had known this when my son first showed signs of schizophrenia, I would have directed all of my efforts to remove the stress in his life. My son didn’t need to go to a major university, he could have returned to the junior college near his home which is what he wanted to do once he left the university. Instead of encouraging him to do that and supporting him and his defeated self esteem, I told him it didn’t make sense for him to return to junior college since he had already graduated with honors. This was logical thinking and totally disconnected from my son’s condition. After that, he isolated himself and told us lies about the education he was pursuing.

If you know someone who has schizophrenia now, send him the link to this blog. It may save your friend’s life. Don’t wait, do it now!



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