What Makes a Life Worth Living?


Passion – good mental and physical health – economic means not only for survival but for developing education and talents – family – friendship and love.

It’s very hard to have a life worth living when all you receive is negative feedback from a family member, a boss, society itself as in the case of the refugees in Europe. There are phenomenal stresses that exist on people worldwide today. We can only hope and pray that the world does not destroy itself, before it has a chance to grow.

In order to bear the stresses of living, your mind must be able to process all of the information that comes in through the senses, emotions and thoughts and reconstruct it into something motivational and positive. Schizophrenia is an outcome of genetic predisposition and overwhelming stress throughout a person’s life.

Good mental health can be restored in schizophrenia through the B.E.A.M. surgery available in Ecuador. Through one doctor’s love, devotion and desire to improve the lives of his schizophrenic patients in a hospital in Ecuador, he spent 30 years researching and finding an answer.

If you or a loved one has schizophrenia now, please give yourself or your child a chance to have a life worth living again. Contact jrmackliff@hotmail.com or call Ph: +(5934)2531080. True solutions only come from intelligence, love and perseverance. Efforts can always be made and an answer found when the desire is great! My entire life and my son’s have been based on this principle.

www.beamprocedure.com                                     www.suicideprevention-schizophrenia.com


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