Doctors’ Comments on the Tip of the Iceberg


These are the comments from doctors and scientists who have reviewed the preview draft of my book. My book will be published in May, 2016 and available for sale on this site.

Comments from Scientists and Doctors who have read the preview draft of the Tip of the Iceberg – a Toolkit for Schizophrenia

In the Tip of the Iceberg Suzanne Ayer Patterson writes with love about her experience of taking care of her son diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. She clearly writes this book to help parents of children diagnosed with schizophrenia to improve the outcomes of their illness. In writing this book, Suzanne had the guidance and assistance of a prominent Ecuadorean psychiatrist Dr. José Hidalgo Mackliff, to understand schizophrenia and a treatment that improves the outcome for schizophrenic patients.

This eminent medical scientist developed a procedure called bilateral electrocoagulation of the adrenal medullas (B.E.A.M.). The patient’s progress while undergoing this treatment includes eliminating the symptoms (often within days) and gradually reducing the need for antipsychotic medicines. Suzanne feels that B.E.A.M is a procedure particularly successful for not only eliminating symptoms, but also appears to have a strong tendency to decrease or lessen the causes of schizophrenia.

I recommend this book for parents and young people with the disease schizophrenia as a clear and practical guide for both understanding and treating the disease.

Dr. Alfred Bennun, author and Professor of Biochemistry, Emeritus – Rutgers University
Buenos Aires,  Argentina

Bennun A. Books: Molecular Aspects of the Psychosomatic-Metabolic Axis and Stress. Series: Neurology – Laboratory and Clinical Research Developments. Nova Science Publishers, (2015).

Adrenaline: Production, Role in Disease and Stress, Effects on the Mind and Body (pp. 13-70). In Medicine: Endocrine Disorders. Nova Science Publishers. (2014)

Molecular Mechanisms Integrating Adenylyl Cyclase Responsiveness to Metabolic Control on Long-Term Emotional Memory and Associated Disorders. Horizons in Neuroscience Research., Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Vol. 10, pp. 41-74, (2013).


I sat down to read your book and couldn’t put it down until I got through the entire script! The book showed your emotions, frankness, your vulnerabilities and your brave and daunting journey through the tragic loss of your beloved son Marco. It’s very well written and will surely open the reader’s mind and heart to the struggles, difficulties, challenges and the frustrations that families go through while caring for their loved one battling schizophrenia. What I liked the most was that you helped the reader understand that you were human. Your story truly touched me to the core.

Dr. Anu Srinivasan, Santa Monica, California


‘Gripping from beginning to end, a book long overdue’,

Dr. Allen Gardner, animal behavior scientist (Washoe experiment, 1962-1969), Reno, Nevada

Recommendation from Dr. Jose Hildalgo Mackliff

During the years of 2015 and 2016 Suzanne has worked with absolute dedication gathering scientific data on schizophrenia, some of which is taken from my work with my consent.

This research has resulted in an inspiring book titled THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG which is a good source of knowledge about the dangers these patients face during treatment and the new alternative for the elimination of the symptoms of this terrible disease.

Given the work cited above, it makes us think that it is time to take another therapeutic alternative in schizophrenia, and that all who have a relative with schizophrenia should think about what is the best way forward. This knowledge should be given to the families of these young patients for the therapeutic management of schizophrenia.

Sincerely, Dr. Jose Mackliff, Guayaquil, Ecuador

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