Introduction to B.E.A.M – Eliminates Symptoms of Schizophrenia

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Dr. Joseph Mackliff is the founder of B.E.A.M, bi-lateral electro-coagulation of the Adrenal Medullas, a surgery that leads to the elimination of symptoms of schizophrenia and the reduction of anti-psychotic drugs.  His research leading to BEAM began when he was head of the San Jose ward of Lorenzo Ponce Psychiatric Hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador 30 years ago. He could have felt disheartened by treating patients with schizophrenia; instead he felt stimulated by the various metabolic and autonomic questions that arose about the disease.

The first question occurred to him while visiting Mont Sinai Medical Center in Miami where research employing PET and dioxiglucosa 18 fluoride, was used to determine the cerebral consumption of glucose and oxygen in normal patients. He was surprised that glucose and oxygen were not consumed proportionately throughout the brain, but were consumed more in the visual cortex and gray matter as well.

Stimulated by this knowledge, he wondered what would happen in schizophrenics who maintain a metabolic disorder of glucoregulation if he increased the blood glucose levels with hypertonic glucose 30% and thereby produced a temporary hyperglycemia, indirectly promoting cerebral circulation and nutrition of neurons.

The research took a different turn when Mackliff sought an answer to the big question, why schizophrenics are improved with hypertonic glucose? This study provided him with sufficient information to conclude that hyperglycemia was caused by more than 8 hours of inhibiting the release of gluco-regulation hormones including adrenaline. This factor deserved critical attention. From this moment a value judgment came:

“To Resolve (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid-Adrenal (HPTA) axis fatigue) is a scientific priority closely related to schizophrenia treatment.”

The BEAM surgery is a response to the constant discomfort felt by a psychiatrist when his patients who should be cured or their symptoms alleviated at least, continue to express the same disease every day and the symptoms cannot be removed with a medicine that relieves only mildly.

All of Dr. Mackliff’s research led to an understanding that with antipsychotic treatment alone, the sequence will always be.

Patient – psychiatrist + antipsychotics- = relapse – Hospital = chronic illness.

Combining antipsychotics + surgery the sequence is:

Patient – psychiatry – surgery + antipsychotics = recovery + reduced antipsychotics, adjustment and subsequent elimination of psychiatric medication.

Dr. Mackliff states “The notorious failure of antipsychotics has inevitably gravitated to my work as a psychiatrist. I have felt encouraged and poised by a wide range of expertise in clinical psychiatry from giants in psychiatry such as Bleuler, Kretschmer, Freud, Jung, Fromm and the unforgettable psychiatric manuals of A Vallejo Najera – Mira y Lopez Delgado Honorius and the Treatment and Diagnosis of Mental Illness by CA Vasconcellos.”

The direction of the schizophrenia research has always been directed to antipsychotics during the last 50 years. Although it is not possible with antipsychotics to get an acceptable therapeutic response, there are no psychiatrists against the use of antipsychotics as they were until recently, the only therapeutic option they had. Antipsychotics were the result of a long investigation which began with the use of antihistamines and evolved to the creation of antipsychotics.

The combination of surgery and antipsychotics allowed Mackliff and Sanchez to make a big turn in the course of neuropsychiatric therapy, as well as an awakening of the lethargy of over half a century with antipsychotic therapy without worthwhile results and without being able to eliminate the anguish and despair of those who feel helpless and disabled by Parkinson’s disease and those with schizophrenia who change the real world for one that is not real. (Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery, A new and efficient regulation of dopaminergic synapses after B.E.A.M (bilateral electrocoagulation of adrenal medulla), Dr. Jose Mackliff 2016)

Dr. Mackliff and Dr. Sanchez (surgeon) have performed 82 B.E.A.M surgeries to date since 2007 when the first surgery on a human with schizophrenia was performed. All of the surgeries had immediate and positive elimination of symptoms in just 72 hours; most have continued with positive results where there has been continued family support and low dosages of antipsychotics when needed. These cases are documented in Dr. Mackliff’s book, written in 2012 in Spanish, and published this year in English. (Schizophrenia and Parkinson Surgery, A new and efficient regulation of dopaminergic synapses after B.E.A.M (bilateral electrocoagulation of adrenal medulla), Dr. Jose Mackliff.

B.E.A.M is the result of 30 years of self-funded and dedicated research conducted by Dr. Mackliff and his colleagues, whose only motivation has been to improve the lives of their patients. For more information on B.E.A.M and testimonials from those who have had the surgery, visit and

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